What are you guys up to this week end? I’d love to go to a sunny place and drink some nice fruity cocktails :)

Instead it’s supposed to get really cold here in Munich, even snow a little bit,  so I guess I’ll be staying home drinking some  cocktails around the fireplace.


1. A goodie: Love this bracelet. Thin and colorful, perfect to match with a watch and as gift for a special girlfriend.

2. A winter protection: Since the cold weather is definitely coming back, thinking about getting a new coat like this one.

3. A DIY: Great idea to give a second life to an old Globe.

4. A place for notes: Always the best Notebooks for some field notes.

5.  A jumper: Can’t wait for this sweatshirt to come out and get into my closet right away!

6.  An other goodie: Awesome statement Bracelet.

7. A read: The new book I’ll read, from Elizabeth Gilbert. Such a big one!

8. A recipe: Already made some éclairs once, and it was so complicated but this recipe just motivates me again.

9. A stereotype: This Donut place is on my “must-see” list.

10. Workspace: Simple and clean. Always good to stay inspired.

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  1. Les deux bracelets sont super!

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