Daily make up

I’ve never been a fan of eye make up, and mainly kept them “nude” with some mascara and a little black line when going out.

So lately I’ve been trying a simple make-up with some beige and light brown to enhance my eyes but avoid being too chic for a day at the office and above all, I have been using some real brushes, quite helpful in the end.

Most of the time, I have 5 minutes to do my make-up and since I have dark eyes I cannot abuse of dark colors if I don’t want to look real mean or like I am going out ;) so this is the best option for dark eyes according to me and can be made quickly without any risk of ruining the rest of your foundation or base.

Daily Make up 2


Daily make up 3

WHAT TO USE: A light beige close to your skin color (here Artdeco 551), a taupe/light brown ( here Artdeco 517) and a white (here Maybelline 01 Snow White) + types of brush (from the top): A small one for light colors, a larger one for dark colors, an angled cut brush for under your eyes and precise lines and a pinceau brush to speed the color corectly.

Daily make up 4


Daily make up 6

APPLY the TAUPE color on your movable eyelid.

Daily make up 7

Make sure the color is NICELY SPREAD on your eyelid and the borders end SMOOTHLY. Then use the angled cut brush to add a LINE under your eye and give it a bit of a SMOKEY look.

Daily make up 8

Use a BRUSH to define the boarder of your eye and make sure the COLOR stays in.

Daily make up 9

Add some WHITE  in the CORNER of your eye to brighten and open it. Then, add MASCARA.

Daily make up 10

And you’re done!


  1. great post!
    check out my blog if you wanna read some of my thoughts and reviews on my favorite make up products :]
    - Preksha :]

  2. Agree with you, I feel the same about wanting to look neutral and there is actually a lot of clever shading we can do with the nudes. Great to be sharing this step by step methods. Great bumping into your blog.


    1. Thanks Giana! Daily looks are always quite tricky :) love testing!

  3. Love this post so much and I really like this natural look. Can you tell which makeup and blush you used for this look?

    1. Thanks Anni for you comment! 😀 I use the tinted cream “Exfoliac” from Noreva in the “doré” shade (available in pharmacies. I love this since i rather have oily skin. It’s perfect. And the. i use the “mineral skin finis”h in medium deep from MAC as a bronzer and i finih with the “rose au joues” in “over rose” from Guerlain. Hope this helps! Xx Béné

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