From straight to waves how to

My hair if very (very) straight, and not much seems to be able to curl it in a durable way. I’ve tried a lot of techniques to get wavy hair the past years but without much success. I’ve given up the idea of having curls all day long, but I was still persistent enough to try and try again.

I didn’t want to lose too much time since the waves don’t stay for ever, so I ruled out the curling iron quit rapidly, especially with long hair. Too much work!

Plus, in the morning who has time for this honestly?

Turns out I found to best cost/time efficient technique and it works really well for me! Add a little hair spray and you’re good to go!

There is no big secret, I just roll up my hair properly into a tight ballerina like bun after blow drying it (so they are still hot) and leave my hair like this until I am ready to go (until they cool down). This way it’s also easier to get dressed and do your make up without hair in the way.

This is also a good way to make sure ALL you hair is curled the same way!


Once you’re done brushing you’re teeth, getting dressed, have done your make-up etc etc, take off the bun and slightly shake your hair. Feel free to brush them if you want the waves to fade a little bit.

Et voila!


Jumper: The Kooples

Beanie: BELLE & Co. (online soon)

(Credit: All photos Be. Get. See.)

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  2. Will definitely try this! Your hair looks gorgeous! xxx

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